Available Now

Cake and Crystals is now available, FREE in Kindle Unlimited and filled with magic, mystery and mayhem.

When Harper returns to her hometown after her divorce, the last things she expects to discover is a body in her aunt’s bakery, a cat who only talks during the full moon, and that she’s suffering from a curse.

A long-awaited wedding. A happy event. Until Harper Dade, a witchy amateur sleuth, discovers the best man face-planted in the groom’s cake.

With Harper’s best friend’s fiancé, a possible target as well, the wedding’s on hold.

But while on the run, the would-be groom holds on to his secrets like a dog—or in this case werewolf—guarding a bone. Thwarted at every turn, Harper struggles to come to terms with her past when her lowlife ex invades Willow Hollow.

Unless she solves the murder before the wedding cake goes stale, there may never be a magical happily ever after.

Cake and Crystals is book four in the Witches of Willow Hollow cozy mystery series. The series features clean, quirky magic, mystery and mayhem.

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