Upcoming Series Fall 2022

Whom the Crystal Ball Chooses, a Witches of Nightshade Grove cozy mystery…. When forty-something Sophie Nightshade inherits a bookshop filled with ghostlike fictional characters haunting the aisles, nothing prepares her for discovering a body in the Nook & Quill’s cozy reading area.

The demise of a snarky former author of a tell-all witch memoir does not bode well for Sophie taking over the shop, nor does the determined detective who barges into her life.

Detective Cassius Dread and she get off to a an awkward start due to her mistimed book enchanting abilities and a glitched crystal ball, but they must work together to solve the murder since the lives of other locals could be at stake.

Amid a brewing sibling rivalry, the possibility of unexpected romance and despite the warnings of a scraggly cat familiar, Sophie struggles to accept that the broken crystal ball has chosen her, an inept midlife witch to solve the crime.

Welcome to Nightshade Grove, Tennessee, where an amateur witch sleuths mysteries… One enchanting spell at a time.

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