Upcoming Series Fall 2022

Whom the Crystal Ball Chooses, a Witches of Nightshade Grove cozy mystery…. When forty-something Sophie Nightshade inherits a bookshop filled with ghostlike fictional characters haunting the aisles, nothing prepares her for discovering a body in the Nook & Quill’s cozy reading area.

The demise of a snarky former author of a tell-all witch memoir does not bode well for Sophie taking over the shop, nor does the determined detective who barges into her life.

Detective Cassius Dread and she get off to a an awkward start due to her mistimed book enchanting abilities and a glitched crystal ball, but they must work together to solve the murder since the lives of other locals could be at stake.

Amid a brewing sibling rivalry, the possibility of unexpected romance and despite the warnings of a scraggly cat familiar, Sophie struggles to accept that the broken crystal ball has chosen her, an inept midlife witch to solve the crime.

Welcome to Nightshade Grove, Tennessee, where an amateur witch sleuths mysteries… One enchanting spell at a time.

New Paranormal Women’s Fiction Series

Exed & Hexed

Midlife can be daunting. But haunting? An evil suitor reaches out from beyond the grave…

Even with Vanessa having lost her home and living out of her secondhand shop and on the verge of eviction, her friends drag her to a wine tasting to celebrate her recent divorce.

When a cabernet-guzzling fortune-teller warns about a past coming back to haunt her, then plays matchmaker and awakens a vengeful spirit looking for an eternal bride, she struggles to escape the attempts of the specter set on ending her life.

Danger looms, and she can’t even give away the butterfly brooch responsible for a surge of unexpected growing supernatural abilities nor can she deny her interest in Trevor Austin, the winery’s attractive living, breathing featured sculptor.

Above all, Vanessa strives to escape her empty-nester cocoon of uncertainty and accept she’s a witch. Struggling to welcome romance into her life, she must prevent an incident in her past and the supernatural entity from destroying her and her friends’ lives and accept her calling to survive.

Jilted & Jinxed (February 28th Release)

When being left at the altar in her forties comes behind encountering of a drunk matchmaker and a curse…

Yes, curse. Because what else could account for her daughter’s dog grooming business ending up in Rose empty-nester lap. Then Gabriel Flynn, the hottest handyman in town, shows up just as a group of animated garden gnomes invades her life.

Rose hasn’t a clue and doesn’t have the time or the inclination for romance, yet with a demon stalking the little creatures causing havoc in her life, she must face the fact that she’s a witch.

One that, due to a dragonfly brooch, tends to disappear, often at inopportune times.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence the mischievous gnomes taking over her house and pet grooming van look like disenfranchised cupids. But with her cloaked and welcoming true invisibility, whether she and her friends outlast their midlife years remains to be seen.

Veiled & Vexed (March 28th Release)

An exotic hummingbird brooch and witchcraft. What more could a fortyish top jewelry designer ask for? Except to live to enjoy them.

Maybe runaway bride Julie will conjure up a young stud muffin to compliment her lifestyle. Instead, an age-appropriate, attractive silver fox by the name of Oliver Lancaster catches her attention.

With a whole bevy of angry witches on her heels, a wayward matchmaker shows up on Julie’s doorstep. She, along with Julie and her friends, are targeted to end their surge of rogue magic once and for all.

And that silver fox? He’s not exactly who or what he seems. She must band together with her friends to defeat the construction of a high rise, keep the matchmaker safe and stay alive. All while conjuring up more trouble and adventure than any newfound midlife witch deserves.

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Available Now

Cake and Crystals is now available, FREE in Kindle Unlimited and filled with magic, mystery and mayhem.

When Harper returns to her hometown after her divorce, the last things she expects to discover is a body in her aunt’s bakery, a cat who only talks during the full moon, and that she’s suffering from a curse.

A long-awaited wedding. A happy event. Until Harper Dade, a witchy amateur sleuth, discovers the best man face-planted in the groom’s cake.

With Harper’s best friend’s fiancé, a possible target as well, the wedding’s on hold.

But while on the run, the would-be groom holds on to his secrets like a dog—or in this case werewolf—guarding a bone. Thwarted at every turn, Harper struggles to come to terms with her past when her lowlife ex invades Willow Hollow.

Unless she solves the murder before the wedding cake goes stale, there may never be a magical happily ever after.

Cake and Crystals is book four in the Witches of Willow Hollow cozy mystery series. The series features clean, quirky magic, mystery and mayhem.